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Joint comments by SRIW, SCOPE Europe, and the EU Cloud Code of Conduct to the EDPB

We (SRIW, SCOPE Europe, and the EU Cloud Code of Conduct) appreciate the opportunity to share our perspectives in the context of the public...

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SCOPE Europe presents on the interlinks of existing and upcoming cloud regulation at the Cyber Security Act Forum

Invited by the Swedish „Institutet för Informationsteknologi“ SCOPE Europe’s Director Monitoring and Auditing, Legal Affairs will elaborate on the hot...

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SRIW auf Veranstaltung des BDI zum Thema Anonymisierung personenbezogener Daten vertreten

Jörn Wittmann spricht am 17. November 2020 beim BDI über die Entwicklung von Codes of Conduct bei der Veranstaltung zu Datenanonymisierung in der...

SRIW News Event

EU Cloud CoC considered key factor for European Sovereignty

Fabasoft CEO Helmut Fallmann refers to the EU Cloud CoC as key element for Europe's strategy to increase its cloud sovereignty. References are also...

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