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SRIW Insights 2024


In January 2024, we reflect on a promising start to the year with the publication of our first newsletter edition. Following the successful launch of the Haustürkodex (Door-to-Door Sales Code of Conduct) in November, we welcomed new members, anticipating fruitful cooperation. We recently celebrated European Data Protection Day, sharing our reflections on its significance. Additionally, we're excited to share recordings from the "AI Crisis Resilience Platforms: Opportunities and Challenges" event, featuring speakers Dr. Klaus Glasmacher, Kurt Junghanns, and Frank Ingenrieth discussing various aspects of crisis resilience in AI platforms.


In March 2024, we've finalized the recordings of last year’s event and are excited to share two new videos and the conference report with you. Moreover, you have the opportunity to gain insights into the Door-to-Door-Sales code of conduct (dt.: Haustürkodex) in the webinars organised by VATM in May and June. Last, but certainly not least, we participated in the public consultation on generative artificial intelligence and its influence on market dynamics, recently launched by the Autorité de la Concurrence.


In May 2024, we were thrilled to be part of this year's ANGA COM in Cologne. Moreover, we are excited to share our contribution to the CPDP's conference book: Data Protection and Privacy. 


In February 2024, we finalized additional recordings of our last year’s event AI-Crisis Resilience Platforms. We are proud to share two new videos full of information with you! Furthermore, the Door-to-Door-Sales code of conduct (dt.: Haustürkodex) was proud to announce that several companies committed to the requirements of the code. The respective providers are now being assessed by the monitoring body SCOPE Europe Monitoring. Of high importance was also the submission of our feedback on the Euopean Commission’s initiative aiming to report how the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is applied across the Member States of the European Union. 


In April 2024,  the European Data Protection Board's (EDPB) 3-year strategic plan, which emphasises codes of conduct and cross-regulatory compliance, was published. We've identified our common ground with the plan.  In addition, we are happy to announce our presence at the ANGA Com in May! Furthermore, we had the privilege of attending the Kick-off of the German Dateninstitut.