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SRIW Insights #2 Feb 2024 

Updates on the SRIW ecosystem and the latest self- and co-regulatory developments in the information economy - with a keen focus on data and consumer protection.

SRIW’s Recent Happenings

Dear Readers,

Welcome back to the second edition of our newsletter. A busy month lies behind us. We put lots of effort in finalizing additional recordings of our last year’s event AI-Crisis Resilience Platforms: Opportunities and Challenges that we would like to share with you. Now available to watch are Keynnote III “Crisis resilience management from a corporate perspective”, Keynote IV “AI and intellectual property challenges exemplified through ResKriVer” and Panel I “AI, quo vadis?”. Have fun watching!

Furthermore, the Door-to-Door-Sales code of conduct (dt.: Haustürkodex) was proud to announce several commitments last month. For those companies, the compliance assessment by the monitoring body SCOPE Europe Monitoring has already been initiated. For more information on the assessment, see below.

Last but not least we were thrilled to submit our feedback on the Euopean Commission’s initiative aiming to report how the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is applied across the Member States of the European Union. Read more about our comments on the application of GDPR right below.

Wishing you a pleasant read,


SRIW presents its feedback on the European Commission’s call for evidence: Report on application of GDPR

Between 11 January 2024 and 8 February 2024, the European Commission was calling for feedback on its initiative which is aiming to report how the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is applied across the Member States of the European Union. SRIW, including its research team involved in the governmentally funded project Cognitive Economy Intelligence Platform for resilience of economic ecosystems (CoyPu), submitted its findings in regards of effective application of GDPR.

New member: Deutsche Glasfaser

Our new member: Deutsche Glasfaser is the leading fibre optic provider for rural and suburban areas in Germany. Read our full press release.

Video 2/5 - Keynote III, IV

“Resilience management from companies' perspective” and “AI and intellectual property challenges: The example of ResKriVer” are waiting for you. Enjoy watching!

Video 3/5 - Panel I - KI, quo vadis?

Panel I is available for you! The first panel discussion "AI, quo vadis?" focusses on European AI legislation. Have fun watching!

New Commitments!

Vodafone, LEONET, Deutsche Giganetz, Deutsche Glasfaser, PŸUR, EWE and Deutsche Telekom have made their commitment to the Door to Door Sales Code of Conduct (dt.: Haustürkodex).


We attended an event of our member Microsoft Deutschland on their future plans for AI and Cloud in Germany to learn more about their visions and the current usage of AI in the industry. Read our key takeaways.

Recent Regulatory Developments