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SRIW’s Comments on the European Commission’s Initiative in Connection with its Report on the General Data Protection Regulation


Between 11 January 2024 and 8 February 2024, the European Commission was calling for feedback on its initiative which is aiming to report how the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is applied across the Member States of the European Union. Selbstregulierung Informationswirtschaft e.V. (SRIW), including its research team involved in the governmentally funded project Cognitive Economy Intelligence Platform for resilience of economic ecosystems (CoyPu), submitted its findings in regards of effective application of GDPR.

Representing an entire European ecosystem specialised and experienced in establishing self- and co-regulatory instruments, SRIW’s feedback offers a distinct focus and  angle with an emphasis on these compliance tools, especially Codes of Conduct.

Drawing from their experiences SRIW shares their takeaways navigating through the approval process as well as the process for the accreditation of Monitoring Bodies pursuant Art. 41 GDPR and calls for improvements such as the need for incentives to develop of Codes of Conduct and for facilitation of consistent processes by harmonising guidelines and streamlining the cooperation of stakeholders involved. A trustworthy Code of Conduct remains as a tool with major benefits not only for increasing effectiveness and efficiency of GDPR enforcement, but also for the industry and particularly SMEs to gain legal certainty.

SRIW stresses the necessity for enhanced support, clarification, and harmonisation in the application of GDPR provisions remains a fundamental prerequisite for achieving a harmonised data protection standard across the EU –the key objective of the GDPR.

We've awakened your interest? SRIW’s first-hand experience essentially covers the topics of harmonization of GDPR, Codes of Conduct and GDPR compliance, Approval of Codes of Conduct,  Monitoring Bodies and accreditation, international data transfers, cross-regulatory compliance, data subject rights, impacts on mSMEs as well as on research and development.

Read SRIW's entire comments and responses here

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