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SRIW Shares Comments and Responses on the Public Consultation of the Autorité de la Concurrence


On the 22nd of March 2024, the public consultation on generative artificial intelligence and its influence on market dynamics, recently launched by the Autorité de la Concurrence, was closed. SRIW is delighted to announce its participation and to share its comments and responses.

Given SRIW’s expertise in representing an entire European ecosystem in establishing self- and coregulatory measures, the submission carries this distinct focus and angle. Researchers of the publicly funded AI project CoyPu in which SRIW is a research partner, contributed to the comments and responses.

The observations and recommendations underscore - mainly under the perspective of the AI Act and the Data Act - points where clear guidance and support from the European Commission, the AI Office, the European Artificial Intelligence Board as well as the competent national and European supervisory authorities are needed.

SRIW suggests that the AI Act could better encourage self and co-regulatory tools, such as codes of conduct, by providing clearer regulatory guidance and more effective incentives for market players. Similarly, the Data Act would have benefited from explicitly introducing codes of conduct. Nonetheless, SRIW considers self- and regulatory measures to remain a suitable solution offering enhanced benefits in many scenarios, including cross regulatory alignment, facilitating compliance and ultimately ensuring a level playing field for all market participants.

Please, dive into our full comments and responses here.