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SCOPE Europe presents on „European’s regulatory cloud framework: How initiatives like the EU Cloud CoC and Gaia-x help linking loose ends“ at the Cyber Security Act Forum

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Invited by the Swedish „Institutet för Informationsteknologi“ SCOPE Europe’s Director Monitoring and Auditing, Legal Affairs will elaborate on the hot topic „European’s Regulatory Cloud Framework: How initiatives like the EU Cloud CoC and GAIA-X help linking loose ends“.

The Institutet för Informationsteknologi (Institute of Information Technology, IFI) is an independent organization offering the latest knowledge in several different areas such as IT law, IT agreements, sourcing, information security, cyber security, and business development.

As recognised expert on cloud related matters such as data protection and security frameworks, active contributor to working groups in several initiatives, including GAIA-X, and Deputy Managing Director of Selbstregulierung Informationswirtschaft, applicant for Day1-Membership within GAIA-X, Frank Ingenrieth will associate and link current and upcoming regulatory but also voluntary business driven frameworks.

Programme (Excerpt), March 15th, 2021

10:40 a.m. 11:10 a.m.

European’s regulatory cloud framework: How initiatives like the Eu Cloud CoC and Gaia-x help linking loose ends

  • GDPR and Cyber Security Act – two perspectives, one goal
  • The transfer of (personal) data to countries outside the EEA – new tool(s) at the horizon: Third Country Transfer Module by the EU Cloud CoC
  • GAIA-X – next evolution of interlinking European (Cloud) Regulation, following approaches like those of EU Cloud CoC and Cyber Security Act draft validation schemes

This presentation will be held in English. The rest of the programme will be in Swedish. For further information, please visit the Cyber Security Act Forum's website.