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Key Takeaways from Last Week's Panel at the IAPP Data Protection Intensive in Munich


On September 14, Selbstregulierung Informationswirtschaft e.V. (SRIW) was pleased to take the stage at this year's IAPP Data Protection Intensive: Germany in Munich, together with Bitkom, SAP and Deutsche Telekom, to spotlight the impact of the Data Act on the cloud industry.

What are our key takeaways?

  • The Data Act as of now creates challenges and chances at the same time. Challenges, because of unclear requirements and uncertainties how to implement the requirements within the 12-month implementation period. Chances, inter alia, for SMEs as to prevent lock-in effects and facilitate data exchange
  • There is a need for a common understanding of the defined roles and responsibilities across all legislations under the European strategy for data and GDPR as well as the desire for actual industry guidance.
  • To overcome those challenges and uncertainties, a practical solution must be developed. E.g. an implemented, effective and independently monitored code of conduct can help navigate the upcoming requirements as well as foster trust and security for both service providers and users.

A heartfelt thank you to our experts Susanne Dehmel, Dr. Claus-D. Ulmer and Kerstin Böller as well as IAPP for having us!