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Interview with Mr. Ben Brake: the impact and potential development of GDPR codes of conduct

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We believe it is crucial to foster meaningful dialogues with public stakeholders to continuously develop and improve compliance solutions such as the EU Cloud CoC.

In this spirit, we decided to sit down with Mr. Ben Brake, Director General of Digital and Data Policy at the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport to discuss relevant topics affecting the cloud community. Watch the full interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfTLTh1URhM&t=305s 

During this 15-minute interview, we touched upon the relevance of having a monitoring body for the effectiveness of compliance tools and discussed the particular potential of these instruments in the post-Schrems-ll era. As the EU Cloud CoC ecosystem continuously grows, it is exciting to explore the impact across the cloud sector as well as future developments, notably the Third Country Data Transfer Module.

Mr. Brake has an extensive background and expertise in the fields of cloud computing and digital policy,  thus providing highly interesting insights for our community.

Codes of conduct actually provide the amount of flexibility that you need to adapt regulation to the ever-changing innovation.”