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Complaints Committee of the SRIW

To the end of monitoring the adherence to Codes of Conduct, the independent SRIW Complaints Committee was constituted, and the following appointed to it:

  • Professor Niko Härting (attorney-at-law and honorary professor at the HWR Berlin)
  • Dr. Thomas Lapp (attorney-at-law and mediator)
  • Thomas Stadler (attorney-at-law specialised in IT law and commercial legal protection)
  • Dr. Torsten Walter (attorney-at-law specialised in commercial legal protection and copyright and media law)

Dr. Thomas Lapp was elected Chair of the Committee.

On 21 January 2013, the general assembly of SRIW members resolved only to appoint independent experts to the Complaints Committee.

The Complaints Committee examines infringements of the Code of Conduct and is entitled to take decisions to remedy the infringements and impose sanctions.

The members of the Complaints Committee act independently and are subject to the statutory laws, the association’s statutes, the particular Code of Conduct, and the regulations governing the complaints procedure.

Up to now, the Complaints Committee monitors the adherence of: