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EU Cloud Code of Conduct

The EU Cloud Code of Conduct („EU Cloud CoC“) contains rigorous assurances for the protection of data in cloud services. More.. 

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Galenus Health

SCOPE Europe is supporting the European Forum for Research and Education in developing a mobile app for chronic rhinosinusitis and asthma, focusing on questions of data privacy. More...

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The Data Protection Code for Geodata Services defines a set of rules to ensure a high degree of data privacy in the area of geodata services and in particular panoramic street services (e.g., Google Street View). More...


mHealth Code of Conduct

Stakeholders being involved in drafting the code „Privacy Code of Conduct on mobile health apps“ are currently gathering interested parties to further align the latest draft to the GDPR requirements. More..


PGuard - PrivacyGuard

The PrivacyGuard (PGuard) research project supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) aims at simplifying the consumer protection of personal data on mobile devices. More..



Art. 46 GDPR introduces SDPC‘s as one of several safeguards for transferring personal data to third countries or international organisations. More...



SWIPO means „Cloud Switching and Porting Data“ and is a working group initiated by the European Commission, aiming to delevop a Code of Conduct for this area. More...