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About the Project

Article 6 of the free flow of non-personal data regulation introduces the development of Codes of Conduct for switching cloud providers and porting of data. Such Codes should define best practices and information requirements for facilitating the switching of cloud service providers and the porting of data, ensure that cloud service providers supply professional users with sufficiently detailed, clear and transparent information before a contract for data storage and processing is concluded and introduce approaches for certification schemes to facilitate the comparison of data processing products and services for professional users. 


Engagement of SCOPE Europe

Due to the significant experience and expertise in developing credible co-regulatory mechanisms, especially in the cloud sector, SCOPE Europe was invited by the European Commission to co-chair the development of the Software-as-a-Service Code of Conduct. 

In particular, SCOPE Europe contributes to the establishment of a common governance for all Codes of Conduct under SWIPO and shares best practices and insights on successful co-regulation. 

Further information and news

Further information and news are available on the website:

Cloud Switching and Porting Data (SWIPO) Stakeholder Working Group meets in Vienna, 6th/7th of December

The DSM ('Digital Single Market') Cloud Stakeholder conference convenes in Vienna to discuss Cloud strategies and the procurement or operations of...

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Cloud Switching and Porting Data (SWIPO) Stakeholder Working Group meets in Rome, October 16th/17th, 2018

Organized at Confidustria, the third meeting will be open to all interested cloud stakeholders and therefore an excellent opportunity to be updated on...

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