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EU Cloud Code of Conduct

The EU Cloud Code of Conduct (EU Cloud CoC) is being coordinated by SCOPE Europe. The EU Cloud Co C is an european-wide project which will be submitted to the supervisory authorities for approval, according to Art. 40 (5) GDPR.

Engagement of SCOPE Europe / SRIW

The EU Cloud CoC pointed SCOPE Europe as the acting Monitoring Body. SCOPE Europe strives to become an accredited Monitoring Body under Art. 41 GDPR. Though the official approval of the Code is pending, SCOPE Europe has already prepared its procedures to effectively monitor adherent Cloud services.

Further, SCOPE Europe was appointed as the Secretary of the EU Cloud CoC and therefore coordinates the working process of the EU Cloud CoC for the members of the code.

More Information and News

You can find more information about this project on its website:


SCOPE Europe taking the stage at the upcoming IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress 2022

Our session will be gathering several key stakeholders to discuss “Cloud Privacy and the European Data Strategy: Synergies and Reciprocal Effects”.

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PRESS RELEASE: Okta declares identity services adherent to the EU Cloud Code of Conduct

Brussels, July 27, 2022 – Okta has successfully completed the EU Cloud Code of Conduct (EU Cloud CoC) Level 2 adherence process

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