The non-profit-organization Self-Regulation Information Economy (German: Selbstregulierung Informationswirtschaft e.V. - SRIW) was founded in 2011 by German and international companies of the digital economy as well as the ICT-association BITKOM. Its main objectives are to promote consumer protection and data protection through self-regulation, and to serve as a platform for the development, implementation, enforcement, and evaluation of various codes of conduct related to this purpose. By doing so members of SRIW jointly fulfill their corporate social responsibility, demonstrate that industry self-regulation works effectively and promote it as a preferred tool of internet governance. By now, one code of conduct related to geo-data-services, the Geodatenkodex, was developed and implemented successfully.

The organization consists of a general meeting of members (companies or statutory corporations) and a management board that approves any codes of conduct or amendments upon recommendation of code specific steering committees. Members of SRIW can join a code of conduct voluntarily. Once entered into force, the compliance of the signees with a code of conduct is assured by the establishment of a complaints procedure involving

  • The option for objection against the publication of sensible data,
  • The option for complaints about the violation of a code of conduct,
  • A complaints procedure in which a complaints board, consisting of independent experts appointed by the management board, decides about complaints and potential sanctions in case of violations of the code of conduct.

The whole process is prepared and supported by a secretariat, which also runs the information website and complaints office and enforces sanctions. Furthermore, an advisory board has been established to ensure stakeholder participation and input. The advisory board can give its opinion on any matters regarding codes of conduct, governance, and complaints procedures. The management board is not bound by the recommendations of the advisory board but has to justify if it deviates from these recommendations.
Upon request of its members SRIW can also offer certification mechanisms including the development of trust marks.Members of SRIW are: BITKOM, Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom, Google, Microsoft, Nokia, CycloMedia, Panolife, Encourage Directories.